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The Alliance tackles specific challenges by building a uniquely equipped team for each specific problem. We provide teams that consist of:

  • Nationally recognized researchers who will survey the population, analyze data from multiple datasets, interpret and present the results 

  • Experts who will develop evidence-based strategies and evaluate effectiveness 

  • Experienced strategic planners who will develop community health assessments and community health improvement plans as well as support local accreditation efforts 

  • Accomplished educators who will train and educate the population health workforce 

  • Advocates who will plan and build support for grants and local health-focused economic development projects improve access to quality healthcare

  • The Health Policy Institute of Ohio has released a 2018 Health Policy Briefing Book that includes data and strategies the next Ohio governor and General Assembly can use to develop evidence-informed policies that will improve the health of all Ohioans



The following resources are supported by the Alliance:

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