Appalachian Recovery Project 

In March 2018, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation (DRC) closed the Hocking Correctional Unit in Nelsonville, Ohio, resulting in the relocation of 110 jobs to nearby facilities. A coalition of local organizations, led by OAIPH, submitted a proposal to DRC to turn the 93,000 square-foot campus into an opioid addiction recovery model. The facility will include jail space for up to 210 females and residential space for accommodating a model similar to a community-based correction facility for 45 females.

The vision is to provide all opioid recovery services on one campus including incarceration, diversion programs, crisis housing, medically-assisted treatment, inpatient and outpatient therapy, GED programs, job training and placement, and mentoring programs upon release.

The goal is to open the facility in the first quarter of 2019. OAIPH partners will manage the facility and provide services while OAIPH researchers will determine best practices and program effectiveness.

Public Health Services Council of Ohio (PHSCO)

To provide a forum for the counties to act as one individual unit, seven rural counties surrounding Toledo, Ohio, (Williams, Fulton, Henry, Defiance, Paulding, Putnam and Wood counties) joined together to create a Council of Governments called the Public Health Services Council of Ohio. After the formation, the topic of chronic disease was chosen as the council’s focus. 

For the first time, these counties with an average population of 40,000 people will have the resources and economies of scale to act as a region of 280,000 people to study chronic disease needs, best practices for addressing those needs, and strategies for deploying those practices on a regional basis. OAIPH researchers and students are engaged in consolidating data and researching chronic disease.

Union County School-Based Health

Union County Health Department and participating school systems are developing a coordinated care model for social determinants of health. The vision is to identify at-risk children in the school system and provide them with community-based services including health, education, housing, transportation, and other related services.

OAIPH partners are working with Union County to identify referral technology and processes as well as school-based health consultation.

Washington County Smoking Cessation

OAIPH is linking a coalition of smoking cessation groups with state policy makers to develop a new model of community-based smoking cessation efforts. Initiatives under consideration are Tobacco 21 and a community health worker program where those interested in quitting are provided with support services and coached through difficult challenges they may face in the battle to beat addiction.

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