Mission, Vision, Values and Strategies


To promote and improve the health and well-being of all Ohioans, especially underserved individuals and populations. To fulfill this mission, we foster innovation and collaboration among public health, government, education, health systems, and service organizations.


The Alliance will facilitate the creation, dissemination, and translation of knowledge and resources across communities in order to improve population health in Ohio.


  • Collaboration among internal and external partners; provide expertise and access to networking opportunities, open communication

  • Diversity and inclusion; initiatives in aging, behavioral health, underserved communities

  • Purposeful discovery; grant development, workforce development, continuing education

  • Scholarship; research, publications, professional presentations, student development, life-long learning

  • Excellence; development of best practices and evidence-based programs; experiential learning

  • Real-world experience; active and effective problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, adept at change


1.  Promote the Alliance as a resource for scholarly activity and life-long learning that is valued by faculty
    students, and the community.

  • Research

  • Curriculum development (academic and non-academic)

  • Promoting student and faculty participation in community activities

2.  Be proactive and prepared to respond to public health and wellness needs of the University, the region, and the State.

  • Workforce development

  • Health data analytics

  • Reimagining and repurposing existing programs and interventions

3.  Cultivate internal and external partnerships to build capacity for diverse and underserved communities.

  • Grants

  • Coalition development and participation

  • Enhance and promote available resources

4.  Create a learning infrastructure that addresses workforce and continuing education needs as well as student
     engagement in public and population health management.

  • Curriculum development (academic and non-academic)

  • Conferences, webinars, face-to-face and online continuing education

  • Customized programs

5.  Provide real-world experience and expertise to public health, government, education, health systems, and service
     organizations to address and improve the health disparities of Ohio's population.

  • Evidence-based practice

  • Best practices- behavioral health, aging, care coordination

  • Translation (academic to real-world application)

  • Consulting services

6.   Champion projects and programs that align with Ohio University, the College of Health Sciences and Professions, and
      Alliance missions, visions and strategies.

  • Team approved initiatives such as:

    • Community Health Assessments

    • Age Friendly Communities

    • Academic Health Departments

    • Workforce Development


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